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Pipi is now three times cuter

We have never met anyone who doesn't like Pipi, and with three new flavours, we probably never will. From now on, you can enjoy Pipi Kokola, Tangerine-watermelon, and Tonic. Of course, orange is still on the table.


Pipi webshop 24/7

Since it opened online, it has never closed. In Pipi online boutique, you can refresh your 'look', have a good laugh, and get everything you need to be carefree - from tote bags to T-shirts.


The New Look

Pipi is more grown up and more carefree than ever before! Along with the new design of our favourite bottle, we launched the new campaign that celebrates an easy going, carefree way of life.


Pipi Again

After business ventures that lasted for several years, with the rise of Dalmacijavino, Pipi and her oranges have returned to restore their former glory.


Size Matters

We launched new PET 2L and 0,5L packaging for the first time ever on our market. And the total production of these two formats was more than one-and-a-half million litres. And all of it went down bottoms up!


They wanted more

Someone was unstoppable, so they decided to create and start filling bottles with two more flavours: Pipi Limunada (Lemonade) and Pipi Cola.


Flavours Differ, Pipi Is One

As the Pipi range began to expand, new flavours are put into bottles, such as Pipi Bitter Lemon, Pipi Tonic Water and Pipi Orela (red orange)


The Legendary Pipi Girl

We made the TV commercial starring Ana Sasso and it gained a cult status. Her famous jump out of the water and her wet t-shirt made growing up with Pipi... definitely unforgettable.


The Mediterranean Record

Split hosted the Mediterranean Games and the official drink of those games was Pipi. That year we produced a record-breaking quantity of Pipi, 12 million bottles.


The First Prize Game

When Veljko threw hundreds of Pipi bottles into the sea, he was not sending out SOS messages but prize vouchers for honest finders. It was Dalmacijavino's great prize game in which everybody participated, old and young.


Pipi the Marathon Runner

Pipi won heart of Veljko Rogošić, the marathon runner and sports champion, who played the main role in first TV commercials.


The Origin of Pipi

Pipi was named after the famous "long stockings" girl, Pipi the rebel from the popular children's book by Astrid Lindgren. From then until this day, this freckled girl is the trademark of Split’s most famous drink.